The Editor:   Is Brrr what the Communist/Progressive/Democratic fools are going to be saying when Trump sends them to Greenland, LL ?

Daughter of Thor Cat:  They sure are. Amigo is part Viking, they might let him run one of the reeducation schools.  Rumor has it that for every one of the undesirables that like a warmer climate Trump will send them to Hong Kong to swap for a citizen that loves freedom and the American flag.

Here is another Br’er.  Br’er Rabbit Trump and Br’er Kavanaugh escape Br’er Pelosi Fox and Br’er Bear Schumer’s Impeachment Tar Baby.  I sure hope Br’er RBG stays healthy.  We thank Disney who owns ABC.

One terrorist sympathizer is caught.

Dogs are amazing.

Those Dems have cold hearts, they deserve Greenland.

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