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It’s  Autumn or Fall.

You never know.   The Cook management would make good Congresspeople or Senators.


The Editor:  Are you supporting the Demodungbeetles, LL ?

Where Is My Taxes Going (  Cardi B ) Cat:  If you want to eat bugs, live in sewer pipes, and walk everywhere you go—vote Democratic.

California is a sewer.

Where have these people been for three ( 3 ) years ?   The MSM doesn’t care about the truth–period.

No one is going to stop 5 G.

This school follows the Democratic party rules.

If these jokers improve their marksmanship they can move to Chicago.

Those NY Times Dems are such rascals.

Here is where the Dems want you.

Today’s Accidental Invention…The Pap Smear

While observing a slide of cells taken from a woman’s uterus, Dr. George Nicholas Papanicolaou came up with the idea for the Pap smear to test for cancer. Originally Papaniculaou’s intention was simply to observe cellular changes during a woman’s menstrual cycle, but during his study, he discovered that one of his patients had uterine cancer—and that her cancer cells could easily be viewed under a microscope.

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