The Sphinx has covered the Ukraine Mess for several days.  Biden and son are the power abusers. I wish they would impeach Trump.  The Senate will never convict him.  I wish Karma for these American hating Nazis.  They also HATE everyone who supports Trump.  This has as much credence as Kavanaugh and Russian Collusion.  The MSM is still a Democrat partner.


This is funny.  If the Senate had any rules on ethics they would have kicked this crook out.  This is a late arriving M.


The Editor:  Is this about Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, LL ?

M Is For Mobil Cat:  No, the first is an old Mobil Oil sign, from the olden days–when chrome was thick and liquor was cheap.

Mosquitoes are still killers.  The gene changers don’t know what they are doing.  One change can effect  a thousand other characteristics.

Here is a job killer.

Money must be our number one ( 1 )  subject.  Trump was seen with money in his back pocket.  He said he didn’t carry a wallet, and unlike previous presidents he didn’t want to borrow money from the Secret Service people.  He knows from their past history that sometimes they can’t even pay for their cocaine and prostitutes.

This is a bonus.  Check out the fourth pronoun.

People aren’t well mannered anymore, it must be Congress and the news media’s fault.  Their hate, rude, inconsiderate, and lying examples are top notch.

Maybe one day we can get our piece of the American Pie back.

One thought on “THE SPHINX— THE THREE M’s

  1. Good morning Lois Lion….I hope everyone reads the stories about the mosquitoes and the transgender child at least twice. I predicted the mosquito fiasco as soon as scientists started fooling around with the insects. I hope the mosquitoes get so huge that they come back and kill the scientists that manipulated their genes. I applaud the mother of an autistic child who stood against the school running the cult that is promoting transgenderism in her child. My question is, as always, why does NO ONE ASK…”Why is Autism the fastest growing developmental disorder in the United States?” Except, of coarse, in the (non-vaccine) Amish community where the autism rate is zero! Run along now….go and pump your babies full of vaccines (which get more toxic with each generation) just like your doctor ordered. After all…he has stock shares and he needs a flourishing vaccine market in order to reap his/her benefits. You will notice that all drug stores will now pop a vaccine in you..instantly…Get You Some.

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