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The Editor:  Did you vote Democratic, LL ?

I Would Rather Vote For A Dumpster Rat Cat:  No, but if I did here are some short videos that would sure make me think how much the Dems love democracy/freedom and how they could improve America if they had more power.

They certainly are knowledgeable and entertaining.  For sure, The Penguin will have Russian Collusion ( like the name of his sheep ) on his tombstone, if his body is permitted to be buried on American soil.

Here is Nadler collecting campaign money.

When Hank moved to DC, the IQ of both Georgia and DC went up.

Sheila Jackson Lee has always been an uninformed Progressive/DemocRAT.

These people need intervention from a higher power.

Today’s Accidental Invention…Dry Cleaning

Though the inventor of dry cleaning, Jean Baptiste Jolly, did work in the clothing industry as a textile maker, his discovery of a revolutionary new cleaning method was completely by accident. It was only when his maid accidentally knocked a kerosene lamp over onto a tablecloth that Jolly observed that the kerosene actually made the cloth cleaner, thus spawning the idea for the very first dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning shop

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Da Vinci Rise
Image Credit & Copyright: Likai Lin

Explanation: An old Moon rose this morning, its waning sunlit crescent shining just above the eastern horizon before sunrise. But earthshine, light reflected from a bright planet Earth, lit the shadowed portion of the lunar disk and revealed most of a familiar lunar near side to early morning risers. In fact, a description of earthshine in terms of sunlight reflected by Earth’s oceans illuminating the Moon’s dark surface was written over 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci. One lunation ago this old Moon also rose above the eastern horizon. Its sunlit crescent and da Vinci glow were captured in stacked exposures from the Badain Jilin Desert of Inner Mongolia, China on August 29, 2019. This year marks the 500th anniversary of Leondardo da Vinci’s death.

Tomorrow’s picture: annotated GC