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This is the only truth to be told, out of DC this week.  All Democrats voted for an impeachment inquiry.  The Republicans should start spending money NOW on the 2020 races that are a toss up.  Spend some big bucks.


The Editor:  I thought the Marines were looking for a few good men, LL.

Semper Fidelias Cat:  They still are but these guys must be Democrats.  They blew their future.

This article should be titled how to blow your future or Thirty ( 30 ) million big ones.

The biggest mistake these people made was thinking that they would get the same justice as a Clinton, Obama, Biden, Bush, or other politicians.

Limbaugh has contributed over four ( 4 ) million dollars to families of  veterans  from sale of these shirts.

Here are some interesting articles.

I would like to say adios to the Democrat Opiate Fiends.

Today’s Accidental Invention…Bubble Wrap

Engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes did invent bubble wrap on purpose—but when they made it, the intended use for the product was all wallpaper, not as packing material. However, when their bubbly wallpaper proved to be unsuccessful, the two entrepreneurs decided to pivot and market their product instead as greenhouse insulation and later, in 1960, as protective packaging.