Joe’s campaign is almost over, but he wants to control what you hear and read.


The Editor:  What is this article about, LL ?  Is Quid English money ?

Latin Cat:  Quid is the same as an English Pound Sterling, but used in the phrase Quid Pro Quo in means swapping something for something.  Two ( 2 ) examples would be Hillgal standing up for Billguy  when he is raping women if he supports her presidential campaign at a later date.  Another example would be for Obama to be worth  100 million dollars three years after leaving office, in exchange for favors done while in office.

Obama believes so much in the rising oceans that he spent over fourteen ( 14 ) million dollars on a mansion one ( 1 ) foot more or less above high tide.  Here is some real Quid Pro Quo.  Say it ain’t so Joe.

The phrase will shortly be used more often than Russian Collusion.

TE:  Do the  Democratic psychotics in the Congress, MSM, and intelligence agencies remind you of anything, Latin Cat ?

LC:  The sure do.  First they have no talent, but they come to DC as just normal liars, as they get more exposure to the media they develop into masters of the media.  They would rather be in front of a camera or microphone than have drugs and sex.   Here is a comparison of how things morph in just four ( 4 ) years.  These people have talent and get their satisfaction.  Too many politicians hate their race, country, and moral values.

One thought on “THE SPHINX— QUID PRO QUO

  1. Good Morning, Lois Lion…..Old Joe is trying to say it AIN’T SO, but I believe Karma is hovering all over their heads at the moment.

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