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The Editor:  Is Cumberland still a safe haven, LL ?

Low Country Cat:  It sure is.  It’s our ideal place.  For our new loyal readers, a few years ago Amigo just moved in and made a new home–a good place to be.  He used the same procedure that most of the world used and still uses.  This is a dramatization.

TE:  Do you have a government like America, LCC ?

Island Cat:  We sure do.  We have a few changes.  English is the official language of all government functions, citizens are people born on American property of two ( 2 ) citizens, all elections are on paper ballots and require a government photo ID which includes DNA proof.  A balanced budget is in our Constitution. Oh, I almost forgot our new Second Amendment reads ” The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, must absolutely not be infringed.”

TE:  Do you have an army ?

Citizen Soldier Cat:  We have a lottery each year to serve in the armed forces or public works.  Amigo fished a Nuclear Bomb out of the ocean near Savannah.  We cleaned and refurbished it .  We might get a few more, the Air Force was crashing all over the world with nuclear bombs aboard in the olden days.

They were dropping like pallets of cash that Obama sent to the terrorist in Iran.

TE:  Do you celebrate the Fourth of July, CSC ?

We do, but have changed Labor day to more of a festive occasion.


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