Archive Cat:  This is from a visit to our archives from 2005. The important point at the time was ” how did you get the Iraqis to work so hard ? ”  We told them they were digging Israeli graves.  If you look closely you can see a young Ilhan Omar delivering a message.


The Editor:  Isn’t that the name of failed Hillgal’s book, LL ?

Lolita Cat:  It sure is.  What happened here ?  The FBI is checking on Prince Andrew about sex slaves.  That is fine but Slick Willy flew on the Lolita Express more than he did on Air Force One.  Investigate Ole Bill

The Epstein case is not newsworthy because of Clinton and other swamp creatures.

What happened to the first request ?

The Kongers are still fighting for freedom.

The future is uncertain, but the crooks won’t convict themselves.

Caucasian people should take back all of their creations.

When the Caucasians forfeit America maybe this will be the new anthem.

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