“I hope the Pro-Choice people and the companies using the dead babies for profit burn in Hell.

And NO…. I do not care how wonderful and amazing the vaccines and products sound that they create from the murdered babies. So, your kid may get the Measles, big fricking deal, you may get the Flu, big fricking deal. Get it! Let your body make it’s own immunity to the disease so that you do not get it again. 

Or perhaps, you choose Autism for your baby! If so, run along and get all the vaccinations that our government will give you….you can get them right there in your friendly, neighborhood drug store. They will not even charge for the Autism. It is free!

Don’t you love it when they say, ‘the young and elderly are most likely to suffer and should get the vaccines’  every year…..did it take a rocket scientist to come up with that conclusion?

Just click on this sentence  below…. Products That Use Aborted Fetuses… to realize how disgusting our country has become….I do not understand how they could have legally arrested Jeffrey Dahmer for killing and eating his newfound friends….I guess he should have killed and eaten them when they were much younger!”

-Sheila Tolley-


Products That Use Aborted Fetuses

2 thoughts on “HOW TOTALLY SICKENING…..

  1. Gods patience with mankind has to be running thin…i have read and researched this very subject. it is BEYOND all understanding, it is BEYOND ….BEYOND! Im right there with you on this SICK SICK nightmarish horror! solyent green comes to mind…..thank you for making this known, Sheila. God Bless You.

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