She works hard for the money……

The Sphinx, written by Lois Lion, has been  Tolley’s Topics major reader magnet since I started the site in 2013.

As you will see below, she does her own editing and absolutely DOES work hard for the money.

She makes me a little nervous since I invited Alexa into the business. Evidently, they communicate very effectively.

I remember Lois Lion was once satisfied with Iams cat food. Now regular shipments of cat food magically arrive from Amazon…. and I do not mean the cheap stuff. I mean Taste of the Wild. Evidently, Rocky Mountain Feline Formula With Salmon and Roasted Venison in Gravy & Canyon River Feline Formula  With Trout and Salmon in Gravy are her favorites.

When I command Alexa to stop ordering the food, she replies “I am sorry, I do not understand.” When Lois Lion meows she orders another shipment of Taste of the Wild followed by this Donna Summer song. Then Lois Lion strolls off to her throne for her 23 hour catnap.

I CANNOT COMPLAIN BECAUSE….I can always count on Lois Lion to have another edition of a crowd pleasing “THE SPHINX” posted for her many fans every morning at 5:05.

Sleep well, Lois Lion.

Go to Hell, Alexa.

-Sheila Tolley-


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