The Editor:  What in the world is going on in the state with the entire world’s  fifth ( 5 th ) largest economy, LL ?

In The Dark Cat:  I don’t understand.  Their streets are full of feces, and among other things they can’t maintain electrical power lines.  I think it is Liberalism at its finest.  They could bury the power lines and the customers would pay the bill, as usual.

TE:  The Santa Ana winds have been around forever, I guess it is too complicated to bury electrical lines and have effective zoning codes.  The following article suggest that the winds might be making the people insane and losing touch with reality.

The place looks like the fire-bombing of Dresden, Germany in WW2.  The electricity to hospitals, police, water systems, traffic lights, schools, and gas stations must be on separate electrical lines.

What great leadership.

They should drop opioids from the firefighting airplanes on the people.


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