Hunter Biden wants to be good.

The next Democratic debate is tomorrow,  10-15-19.  The New York Slime and CNN will be the host.  Havana or Beijing will be the host city.


The Editor:  Do you speak Spanish, LL ?

Latino Cat:  I sure do.  Being a reporter,  I have to speak conversant cat-talk in several languages.  Our title means ” go with God ” in English.   This week The Sphinx says vaya con Dios to Kamala ( I slept more places than George Washington ) Harris,  Bernie ( I just had a heart attack )  Sanders,  and  ” say it ain’t so quid pro ” Joe Biden.

TE:  Are you saying that their race is over, LC ?

Ukraine Cat:  Yes,  Joe can thank his buddy Adam Schiff for making up lies about Trump for ending his campaign.  When you turn on lights all kind of things are exposed.   Fancy Nancy might also be drawn into the Ukraine Democrat Scandal.

I like these other Spanish phrases.  Hasta  Luego ” until- whenever “—–Amigo ” friend “—–Adios ” goodbye, farewell “

This is the impeachment, District of Columbia news.

The Democrats will go with random chance since they don’t believe in a creator.

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