There are still more American flags on the moon, and in Hong Kong that on the Democratic debate stage.

I’m sick of ” open borders ” Chris Wallace and Mitt Romney.


The Editor:  Do you have more examples of Capitalism, LL ?

Walk A Mile In My Shoes Cat:  I sure do, here is a great example.  Nike can’t sell these to the NBA or China.

We apologize for the Camel commercial.  Our computer sometimes takes over things.  That old commercial was made when cigarettes were good for you.  They were approved by the government, FDA, and medical profession.

TE:  Do you have other examples, WAMIMSC ?

? Cat:  I do.  With all the letters I thought you were referring to a new sexual/gender group.  Amigo changed his buying habits when honey roasted peanuts dropped a dime and reduced the product by 25 %.  He did the same when shaving cream lowered is product by 30 % at the same price.  The industry calls it shrinkage.

TE:  Do politicians use shrinkage,  ? Cat ?

They sure do Pelosi said ” pass the bill to see what was in it “.  That is a pig in a poke.  Now she is having an impeachment inquiry without House members voting on it.  I hope they keep up the lies, it only makes the independent and base supporters more likely to  vote for Trump.

This is a continuing sad story about killer capitalism, where hundreds of people were killed by greedy Boeing management and the FAA.  Those involved should be charged and tried.

I guess Americans have to ride out the storm.

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