RIP Elijah Cummings



The Editor:  Do you have anything interesting today, LL ?

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs Cat:  I sure do, this is this week’s Washington & Disney World’s scandal.  ABC which is a political arm of Disney and the Democratic Party tried to run a FAKE NEWS ARTICLE A FEW DAYS AGO.  REMEMBER, WHEN YOU THINK OF PUTRID NEWS THINK OF DISNEY.

TE:  What is going on in Syria, LL ?

Kurdish Cat:  The open borders crowd wants us to solve problems that we have no business being involved in.  Thank WAR CRIMINALS Bush 41, Bush 43, Obama and Hillgal for our troops being there.  Bring our troops home.  The open borders crowd has been trying to get Trump into another war since his election.  First they tried the gassing of civilians scheme–second with attacking,  torpedoing,  or pirating ships in the Middle East.

TE:  Is there anyone that you look to for reasoned advice and moral thought, KC ?

Free Cat:  The NBA and LeBron James have gotten a lot of print lately.  They don’t call the NBA owners, owners anymore.  It reminds them of slavery, but support the slave masters in Communist China.  It depends on who has the MONEY.

The Swamp People have had us in two ( 2 ) wars and mucho bueno conflicts since 2001.

This is for Nancy, Hillgal, Maxine, and the ” Queens ” on CNN and MSNBC.

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