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From: Hank Ashmore
The Deplorable Infidel





The NBA is now the “we don’t talk politics” league. Yes, the same league that refused to shut down players falsely accusing a Ferguson, Missouri police officer of shooting a harmless young black man is now refusing to say anything “political.” We learned that some agents are telling their clients to say nothing as we see in this report: NBA players have been unusually quiet on China since the nation started severing ties with the league. That may stem from the private advice they are getting from sports agents to tread lightly – or avoid discussing it entirely – if they are asked about the uproar over Hong Kong.

 “What I told my guys is, ‘Don’t even talk about it,’” said one sports agent, who asked not to be identified because of the politically sensitive nature of the issue. “I think it’s a fine line, and when you’re walking that fine line, it’s best to not even play around with it.”

Walk a fine line?

Why won’t they say anything against China? Because China won’t tolerate dissent. It fights back by shutting down TV broadcasts and hurting the player’s pocketbooks. Attack Trump? Nothing happens because they are free to criticize without consequences. Attack China? Your retirement plan takes a hit!

Where is outspoken Coach Steve Kerr when we really need him?

Silvio Canto, Jr.



“If our country is to survive and prosper, we must summon the courage to condemn and reject the liberal agenda, and we had better do it soon.”

-Walter Williams-



I have no problem with extensive background checks, as long as members of congress are included, including the present members.



“It took about 150 years, starting with a Bill of Rights that reserved to the states and the people all powers not explicitly delegated to the federal government to produce a Supreme Court willing to rule that growing corn to feed your own hogs is interstate commerce and can therefore be regulated by Congress.”

David Friedman





The Editor:  Do cats know about memories, LL ?

Dream Cat:  We sure do, we have been having them longer than humans.  We were made a day earlier.  Here are some links about memories.

TE:  That sure is complicated, DC.  Can you give any cat-advise to our loyal readers who don’t remember why they read this article.

Just remember that past memories are who you are, the present is what is going on, and the future is uncertain.  One important thing to remember is people are always trying to change the past for their own benefit.  This is a good example of a symptom of psychosis, delusions ( losing touch with reality ).  Democrats don’t accept their past.

TE:  Are you a Republican, DC ?

John Adams Cat:  No, I’m an independent.  The Republicans are just as crooked, but they do want to protect our borders, language, and culture.  It might not matter, the country is bankrupt.

Inspirational Quotes of the Day


How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. –Anne Frank

 When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. –Lao Tzu

 Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. –Maya Angelou

 Happiness is not something readymade.  It comes from your own actions. –Dalai Lama

 If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on. –Sheryl Sandberg