The Editor:  Do cats know about memories, LL ?

Dream Cat:  We sure do, we have been having them longer than humans.  We were made a day earlier.  Here are some links about memories.

TE:  That sure is complicated, DC.  Can you give any cat-advise to our loyal readers who don’t remember why they read this article.

Just remember that past memories are who you are, the present is what is going on, and the future is uncertain.  One important thing to remember is people are always trying to change the past for their own benefit.  This is a good example of a symptom of psychosis, delusions ( losing touch with reality ).  Democrats don’t accept their past.

TE:  Are you a Republican, DC ?

John Adams Cat:  No, I’m an independent.  The Republicans are just as crooked, but they do want to protect our borders, language, and culture.  It might not matter, the country is bankrupt.

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