Concord Creek Covered Bridge

WGN (World Guide Number) 10-33-02 – Concord or Ruff Mill or Nickajack Creek Covered Bridge – Built in 1872 by Robert Daniell & Martin L. Ruff in Cobb Co. spanning Nickajack Creek, two spans, 132 ft. long, Queenpost trusses

The present structure replaced a bridge built circa 1842 that was burned during the Civil War by Sherman’s troops on July 4, 1864. It was built using a dry natural stone center pier that may have been from the previous bridge. The pier appears to have been widened for the current bridge. It was originally built as a private bridge and taken over by the county in 1888. In the 1950s, a concrete pier was added on each side of the center pier for additional support and gave the bridge the appearance of having four spans. At the same time, eight longitudinal steel I-beams were added under the floor beams to strengthen the structure. It is the longest two-span covered bridge remaining in Georgia. Repairs were completed in 1999 at a cost of $151,188.00. It carries the highest traffic rate of Georgia’s covered bridges, making it a dangerous bridge to visit. Concord Road is narrow and winding at the bridge site, affording no parking at or near the bridge. The creek is heavily wooded, with moderate exposure of the bridge at close range. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 24, 1980. In 2017, a steel frame was added inside the bridge for additional support.




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