ON MY SOAPBOX….Yes, Bring Our Troops Back Home



Good Day….

I could start off by being Politically Correct and overly concerned..but I will not. I am simply sick of the hypocritical, part time, possible Republicans, who “Sort of…stand by our President.” Well, who could I possibly be calling a hypocrite?

Three come to mind…Mitch McConnell, Kentucky’s Senior Senator & Senate Majority Leader, Mitt (excuse me while I puke)  Romney and Lindsey Graham, South Carolina’s Senior Senator. I thought since RINO Warmonger John McCain kicked the bucket, that Lindsey Graham would become more rational…but I guess not. He is still a war loving machine….WAR…it is like a card game to these idiots.

Do you find it incredibly disgusting that these three “Play Like” Republicans want our American troops to remain in battle in the expansive foreign deserts? Has 18 years not been long enough? Why do they insist on being a non- supporter of President Trump on this issue? He is already battling everyone in the world! Including Main Stream Media! In an election year! I am sick of watching these Part Time Republicans support the Democrat agenda.

These jerks need to take their children and grandchildren to the airport and hug and kiss them good-bye…knowing that it may be the last time you see them alive.

While I am here on my soapbox, I want to express my opinion on one other new fad of our day. Apologizing and Walking Back! I want to see people stand their ground and walk forward. I do not apologize for being White, American or Republican!

In fact, I am proud of being ALL THREE!

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