Bird’s Eye View



Now that the Barr/Durham inquiry has turned into a criminal investigation, the heat has really been turned on for Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and the lesser FBI people who participated in the illegal activities. There is a strong rumor floating around that Baker (the FBI lawyer involved with the FISA warrants) has been turned by Durham with the promise of a lighter sentence for his crimes. If that is true, I would be very worried if I were anyone in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, or other intelligence agencies that took part in the coup attempt on Trump. I guess Durham and Barr were able to gather a lot of critical information when they went to Italy. I suspect that they now have a fairly clear picture on how all of this went down and they have determined that laws were broken in a number of areas. I also think Durham is waiting for the release of the DOJ IG report because that document will be used as the foundation for his work. I saw Clapper on CNN a couple of days ago and he was nearly incoherent when speaking. He knows they are coming for him with everything they have and he is going to be hit very hard. I also think it is interesting that James Cardinal Comey has dropped out of sight in recent days. 

This entire impeachment attempt by the Dems is going to blow up on them before the end of the year. Shifty Schiff says they don’t need to hear from the CIA informant who stated the ball rolling for the Dems. But if they vote to impeach in the House, you can bet your last dollar that the informant will be a prime witness in the Senate. It looks like the timetable for this entire process is moving out and the Senate likely would not take action until after the first of next year. It is all political so what are some of the things to consider. First, Trey Gowdy will be on the President’s team beginning in 2020. I sure would not want to be cross-examined by him. When he was practicing law, he never lost a case. This timetable also puts a real hurt on all the Dems running for President. I understand that the Senate will be in session 6 days a week and for long hours. Think of all the campaign stops Harris, Booker, Sanders, and Warren will miss while sitting in on the trial of the century. Then there will be the much anticipated calling of Adam Shifty Schiff as a fact witness. He will be under intense pressure because of his long record of lying. They will try to get him on lying under oath and then file charges. He has a lot to lose if this thing gets to the Senate. And finally, we will hear from witnesses that support Trump unlike what is happening in the House witch hunt. Let us not forget that Trump will be able to call Hunter Biden and Joe Biden as hostile witnesses to see what they have to say about their actions.

The Dems are going to try to change the game if they vote to impeach in the House. This is now all out war with the 2020 elections and the future of the Democrat Party on the line. 


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