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Someone needs to tell Susan Rice and Obama that they are part of the Democrat rot.


The Editor:  Who is crying, LL ?

America killed two top terrorist and the Dems can’t stand it.  They are crying all over the country.

The Washington Post and Bloomberg made the terrorist almost as human as Democrats.  I thought Mother Teresa’s ghost had died.

Why would Trump inform the Demospies of any operation involving secrecy.  The only thing they keep secret is the impeachment witnesses testimony.  The Russians and others were informed because we flew over their air space.

Here is more of the same breaking news.  California is still burning, blame the Governor-Nancy Pelosi’s nephew.–563969391.html

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Curiosity Rover Finds a Clay Cache on Mars
Image Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS

Explanation: Why is there clay on Mars? On Earth, clay can form at the bottom of a peaceful lake when specific minerals trap water. At the pictured site on Mars, the robotic rover Curiosity drilled into two rocks and found the highest concentration of clay yet. The clay cache is considered addition evidence that Gale Crater once held water in the distant past. Pictured, 57 images taken by Curiosity have been combined into a selfie. The images were taken by a camera at the end of its robotic arm. Many details of the car-sized rover are visible, including its rugged wheels, numerous scientific instruments, and a high mast that contains camera “eyes”, one of which can shoot out an infrared laser beam. Curiosity continues to roll around and up Mount Sharp — in the center of Gale Crater — in a search for new clues about the ancient history of Mars and whether or not the red planet once had conditions that could support life.

Tomorrow’s picture: orion in detail