Hero Dog said the only thing that gets the taste of a terrorist out of your mouth is a DemocRAT.


The Editor:  What’s going on with the Congressional Sex-Slush Fund, LL ?

Sex Cat XXX:  The slush-fund is in danger of being depleted.  The DemocRATS have almost used it up.  Here is another Democrat in sex trouble.

Katie Hill is now a sex victim of Hillgal’s vast Right- Wing conspiracy theory.  You might find Katie on the floor, but not the House of Representative floor.  She resigned.

TE:  What if they run out of money, SCX ?

Clinton Cat:  After that, The Clinton Library and General Fraud Foundation will replenish it from the money taxpayers pay the Clinton Library. The Ukraine and Mid-East donations have dried up.  The Clintons can’t peddle any more influence.

The Democrats sacrifice women in the name of political correctness.

Fly Southwest, at least you won’t die in a 737 Max.

Tulsi is going to put on her combat boots and clean out the Democrat Rot.


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