I hope you weren’t like Halloween Cat, forgetting to set your clock back one hour for Daylight Saving Time.


The Editor:  Is this about how to do things yourself, LL ?

DIY Cat:   It sure is.   My first example is how inept, corrupt, and liberal policies can turn any group of people into a third-world cesspool.  My most current example is Califorbankrupt, the Golden State.  They  ( a state, not a country ) have the world’s fifth ranked economy, just moving ahead of The United Kingdom.

Corrupt government has led to endless wild fires and a hundred thousand homeless living in their own filth in the streets.

Blackouts leave millions of residents without cellphone service, gas stations, and any other things that require electricity.

Georgia, USA is trying to prevent child abuse ( DIY gender selection ) that is approved by the American Medical Association.  Hitler did the same experiments.

How to start your own Dog and Pony Show, just like the DemocRATS.

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