The Editor:  What should our loyal readers figure, LL ?

Rubik Cube Cat:  Go figure the intricate workings of a Liberal Democrat Progressive mind.  They actually think that saying something and having someone print it makes it true.  You have to be mentally disturbed to believe anything they say.

Here is a video of how these people use voters to reach their goals.

There is a big fight coming, not on Hamburger Hill or Pork Chop Hill, but on Kinky Katie Hill’s House seat.

The problem is false news not ads.

With fewer planes Boeing can save lives.  Congress is bought off by their campaign contributions.


  1. Dear Michelle obama: Please do not think that it is only white people who cannot tolerate you and your husband. There are many races of Christian Americans who would sell their estates to get away from your family. When the oceans rise…I hope your new oceanfront mansion becomes famous, just like The Titanic.

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