This smells worse than the Las Vegas shooter and Epstein cover-up. Why are there no men, in a country with more murders than Chicago ?


The Editor:  Why is government corrupt, LL ?

Skank Cat:   People are easily corrupted.  Politicians have very few qualifications to meet.  Usually there are  age and citizenship requirements.  The Democrats want to do away with citizenship.  The person who promises the most free stuff to uninformed citizens has a good chance to win.

TE:  Does it matter if the government is city, state, or federal, SC ?

Thief Cat:  It doesn’t make any difference, but the higher up you go in government the more you can steal.  Here is a sad story from Michigan.  The Michigan voters approved this practice.

Joe Biden and his son Hunter are some examples of federal corruption.

You can’t prosecute these creeps, the Federal Government makes the laws and they don’t prosecute their own.  Can you imagine the Department of Justice prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her various crimes ?  The only thing that will be more entertaining is when Trump replaces RBG—-I can’t wait.

Virginia is for losers, but we know that.

Fox News is going to the dark-side, try OAN for a change.

Facebook is still lying.


  1. When a few years pass and Little Luna turns into a Lunatic and murders his Idiot Mom…he should not even be required to go to trial. THIS IS CHILD ABUSE!!!

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