Pelosi and Schiff are two ( 2 ) small, lying, open border political sluts.   Schiff’s big lie is that he doesn’t know the second hand whistle blower’s name.   What a skank.


The Editor:  What is Nationalism, LL ?

USA Cat:   Here is a good article on Nationalism.  A cat’s opinion is if you don’t want your language, culture, or borders MOVE to anywhere on Earth.

This is a secret video, made by an anonymous whistle blower,  of the Democratic Impeachment Committee trying to figure out what charges they want for trump.  Pelosi is the Swamp Sow in the middle.  They want to destroy our nation, and the Constitution.

Boeing wants to avoid paying for killing over three-hundred  ( 300 ) passengers.

The Pacific Twelve sends a referee to The New York Times, where errors and omissions are rewarded and encouraged.

They are coming.

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