The Editor:  What doesn’t take much, LL ?

Moderation Cat:  Everything doesn’t take much.  If you can get one ( 1 ) out of two-hundred ( 200 ) people to pay attention to you on radio, TV, or the internet you can make millions of dollars, be a scurrilous political office holder, or be a common thief.  The first link is an attorney mentioned by the news media as a candidate for President because he took the case of a Porn Star.  He might be a better Democrat than about twenty ( 20 ) I can think of.

Sometimes people should not say anything.  Nikki is uninformed about the law, and everyone has a right to be confronted by their accuser.  See Amendment number SIX.   Some of this is a repeat, but the same issue keeps popping up as law.  The MSM sux.

Here is why cats don’t trust anyone they haven’t met and done business with on a personal level.

TE:  What are your thoughts on Pelosi and Schiff,  MC ?

If they were birds they would be Cowbirds—they leave their eggs in the nests of other birds.  They are looking for truth in the wrong place.

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