Trump pardons two ( 2 ) servicemen and promotes another. They were persecuted under Obama’s rules of engagement.  Rumor has it that one will be Ambassador to Ukraine, one will be Ambassador to Russia, and the third will be promoted to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.


The Editor:  Is Hill-gal still running, LL ?

TMZ Cat:  She sure is.  In the meantime here are some news worthy stories.

The humans in Hollywood are upset.

Kellyanne dukes it out with wolfman.

The economy is in good shape.

The Deep State/Shadow Government or unelected officials still think they own the government.  This includes officials that don’t enforce the law.

The French are still working on Epstein’s murder.

Those French,  if they were more careful with their money they could fund their part of NATO.  Ten-thousand Euros is about $11,000.  Where is the love ?

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