On My Soapbox…..The Laughable Impeachment Hearings

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I have had quite a few readers ask me if I would be watching the ridiculous impeachment hearings. I have been watching every minute but I only half-listen.

Seriously, each time a  Democrat speaks, I press my MUTE button.

Don’t you love it when Adam Schiff says: “I recognize myself to speak?” (This activates my MUTE button.) It appears that recognizing himself may be his biggest accomplishment when the Circus comes to an end. Shifty Schiff has missed a giant opportunity in life. He could do wonderful commercials for Visine. I find it necessary to keep a bottle beside my remote because his big ole eyes make mine dry. I am afraid to miss a single second watching him because if he closes his eyes, I want to see it!  

What about the counsel in these hearings? Someone had to go and pick these two up in a Time Machine! Counsel for the Demofools (Daniel Goldman) looks like a Brylcreem commercial from the sixties and counsel for my Republicans (Stephen Castor) talks like Lurch from The Addams Family. I will forgive my Republicans, of coarse, Trey Gowdy was unavailable because he is busy tying up loose ends in South Carolina before becoming Trump’s lawyer. Meanwhile, Lurch is doing fine.

When I press my MUTE button, it gives me a chance to really look at the Dems without being distracted by their worthless opinions and propaganda. So, I was looking at Adam Schiff. I have a serious question for the person who dresses him.

How do you find a dress shirt to fit his tiny little neck?

Then it came to me:  It has to be an infant onesie.

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As you can see, I like mental images. My mental image of the hearings  looks like this:

In the beginning, the Dems were so happy and confident,  because Adam “Eyeballs” Schiff had convinced them  they are about to toss a hand grenade to The Republicans and President Trump…..

Image result for a hand grenade with the pin still intact

but, as always…..we will once again, pull the pin and toss it back to them!



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