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Simpson Creek Covered Bridge

WGN 48-17-12 – Simpson Creek or Hollen Mill CB – West Virginia – built in 1881 by Asa S. Hugill in Harrison Co. spanning Simpson Creek off of Murphy’s Run Rd. 1 span 79 ft’ long multiple kingpost trusses

This bridge washed away during a flood in July 1888 and was repositioned about a half mile from its original location. The bridge originally cost $974 to build. Some renovations were done when the bridge was damaged by a falling tree, but in 2002, using special covered bridge funding provided in the TEA-21 federal highway grant program, Allegheny Restoration and Builders, Inc. of Morgantown completed a $380,072 contract to replace deteriorated wood in its structure and siding.





Today is the 78th anniversary of the Japos sneak attack on Pearl Harbor.


The Editor:  Is this a new topic for The Sphinx, LL ?

Professional Cat:  No, it’s to clarify some items for our loyal readers.  During the hurly-burly, mishmash of every day life our readers might get confused or listen to rumors that are unfounded.

This is the correct pronunciation of the Chinese company that Trump is trying to prevent from taking over America.  We don’t need the Chinese ruining our home grown American hating monopolies.

There is no truth to the rumors that the Platinum Edition of The Sphinx has a lottery to see if RBG, Bernie Sanders, Prince Andrew, Ghislaine Maxwell, or the pilot that flew Bill Clinton’s  twenty-six ( 26 ) flights on Jeff Epstein’s airplane ( the Lolita Express ) will die first.   The sex videos are out there-somewhere.

If Bloomberg wants empty jails/prisons he can build a wall.  If he wants a clean Earth he can sell his jets.  What a Democratic lying scum.

Disney’s new ride is as reliable as their news company, ABC News.

The dems know nothing about the Right Stuff or excellence.  They hate individual achievement and the Constitution.