Oregon is lost.

Here are the college bowl games.


The Editor:  Do you know about cowboys, LL ?

Get  Along Little Doggie Cat:  I sure do.   At one time they were a symbol of America’s last free spirits.  John Wayne was a great cowboy.  The Sphinx uses him in one of our videos about immigration and nation building.

Adam Schiff, Nancy, and Nadler thinks they are cowboys/girls. They are  the type that people want to go away, with the horse they rode in on.

Gary Cooper was a good cowboy.

Clint also made a good cowboy.  The House Impeachment open border snakes could use a little hickory.

Clint made a good urban cowboy.

TE:  What did the cowboys do after their good deed, GALDC ?

They rode off into the sunset.

TE:  Is there a point behind the cowboy special  ?

There sure is, if you don’t take care of yourself  someone else will.

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