The Editor:  Isn’t Christmas wonderful with all the food, drink, and merriment LL ?

Little Baby Jesus Cat:  It sure is, I wish the Christmas spirit could last all year.  I hope everyone has batteries in their toys.  Oh, here is Gwyneth Paltrow with a special toy.

You can get a sweater at Walmart making this a special holiday.  No cookies and milk for this Santa.  He is probably looking at his GPS on his sleigh to make another stop at Gwyn’s house.

These gifts are not for those who can’t handle their fortunes.   The Sphinx is partial to number four ( 4 ).

Can you imagine Katie Hill with her thruple, and the Kentucky Judge  with her thruple.  They would still have room for Gwyn and Santa.  Oh, my.

Here is some information on The Twelve Days of Christmas.


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