Bojo gets his majority.  Maybe now he can exit the European Union.  He might also borrow some hairdo money from the French.


The Editor:  Are you wrapping  Christmas presents, LL ?

The End Cat:  This wraps up the Trump investigation for me.  The impeachment will also be full of lies and crooked government employees.  I don’t have much optimism  for America’s future.  The institutions like the FBI, Congress, and eighteen ( 18 ) intelligence agencies have too many political motivated employees for a free country.  Obama, the Clintons, and their boot-lickers can worry about their legacy.  That’s what we have—- a government and press that can’t be believed.

I hope KARMA visits the families of these degenerate, putrid, creatures.  Hunter Biden has already had a visit.

Here are some political ads.

TE:  Are these accurate ads, TEC ?

What A Joke Cat:  Not much about politics is accurate or honest.  Think of it as paying someone to rob you and take away your freedom.

This is Nancy Pigloisi’s impeachment station wagon.

More ads.

Those dems have/had a crazy party, but it’s over.

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