The Editor:  Is this like the FBI and CIA Collusion Fairy Tale that crashed, LL ?

Jack and the Beanstalk Cat:  It sure is, here are some notable crashes.

Here are updates on the second most crashed story this year, second only to the Democrat Congress, FBI, and CIA.

The New York City help for the homeless has crashed.  They put them on a bus, and wish them well.

Obama’s Crook-In-Chief crashed with ” Fast and Furious ” but won’t shut up.  He’s like the Clinton Crooks–if they aren’t prosecuted they won’t go away.

The English language is in free-fall.

The FBI and the Clinesmith creep have crashed together.  I hope he gets Jeff Epstein’s former cell.  Too many lawyers are too greedy.

These are some drug and health happenings.

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