Nature at work.


The Editor:  What is life about, LL ?

Cosmic Cat:  If you believe life is an accident it isn’t about much.  When you get right down to it, it is only important to the one involved, a few family members, and friends.  Mankind is a temporary visitor to Earth.  He isn’t inhabiting Mars or anywhere else until anti-gravity or time travel is discovered.

TE:  Are humans insignificant, CC ?

They are, unless they believe in a creator.  If you think this is all random chance-it will be over soon.  You can return to star-stuff.

TE:  Will humans that believe in an after-life have a more pleasant death, CC ?

They sure will.  It looks like their next stop will be free of politicians, and lawyers.  They might very well have a soul, which might be the part that the creator made in his image.  I guess you just do the best you can.

You might be like Roy Batty in Blade Runner.

Then again you might go to an elevated existence.

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