Comey might have a visitor.


The Editor:  Who are our people of the year, LL ?   This could just as easily apply to Pigleosy and the dems in Congress.

Konger  Cat:   It was a great year for these people.  The Hong Kongers are A#1 for fighting for their freedom.  Special mention goes to their flying the unused American Flags from the Democratic debates.

This is another flag honorable mention, to the loyal American who pointed out that more American Flags are on the Moon than at the Democratic debates.

The Communist Police used American News Media estimates to count the crowd of freedom loving Kongers.

We also honor the Patriotic Americans who refused to abandon our President in the fight with the scurrilous American hating Democrats. For our new loyal readers, here are some Americans who deserve special attention.

A special thanks goes to the anonymous American who pointed out that Jane Fonda spent more time in Vietnam than Richard Blumenthal, the lying current Senator from Connecticut.

These are some loyal reader requested videos that can teach a lesson to the attentive viewer.  The first two ( 2 ) show how cheerleaders stay in shape to ride runaway horses.  The horse is Trump avoiding the Piglosi impeachment conviction saddle.

The next links show lying weather announcers, and a retarded truck driver.  Read those signs.  The truck driver was Nancy Pigleosi delivering impeachment equipment.

The truck driver,  Pigleosi, and her House DemocRATS didn’t know when to fold’em.

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