Say it ain’t so Mikey.  The dems don’t care how you treat women–ask the Clintons.


The Editor:  Why are you writing about war, LL ?

Bring Them Home Cat:  I’m tired of politicians using troops for political purposes.  Here are America’s publicized troops overseas.  Troops in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other active war zones are not listed.

The war mongers in DC and New York don’t care about our troops in uniform.  When they are injured and/or come home they are treated like dirt.  The VA should be done away with and each active or veteran given a Gold Insurance Card good for any treatment anywhere in America.

Here are some of the countries where we are fighting terrorism–or just organized murderers with guns.

What America needs is to bring the draft back, among other things with millions of troops from all segments of society in uniform the war mongers couldn’t have endless wars like Afghanistan and Iraq.  The families and those involved would rebel, like in the 1960’s.

LBJ lied to get us in Vietnam and Bush 41 and 43 lied to get us in the Middle East.

Reports like this are always covered up.

This video is graphic.  War is graphic.  Some people reading this might be in the video.  Eisenhower was right, I would change it to ” military-industrial-media complex “.    We thank everyone who has served.

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