We have to respond to liberal writings to keep our readers informed.  Franklin Graham slams an article in Christianity Today.  Remember the liberals and MSM will do anything to harm Trump and his supporters.


The Editor:  Here is TCM’s tribute to the movies for 2019.

TE:  Do you like Hollywood, LL ?

Leo The Lion Cat:  I sure do, between 1930 and about 1960. Those were the days, men and women mostly were thin, and chrome was thick.

Here are some repeats of classic Hollywood actresses and actors.

The Chinese are getting like the Muslims, you can’t criticize them.

TE:  Would the Chinese try to sway American public opinion with movies, LTLC ?

They sure would.  Look at the American news propaganda networks.  Companies don’t spend billions on ads because they aren’t effective, just like movies influence people.

Doris Day is in the Remembers video and sings today’s song.  Julie Adams is in this movie.  You can see why Trump has trouble in the swamp.  The creature is Pigleosi.

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