The Editor:  Can you explain the actions of Liberals, Progressives, and Democrats LL ?

Constitution Cat:  No.  They are uninformed, stupid, or want more power, money, and your rights which are protected by the Constitution.

This is how crazy they are.  They support the entire GLBTQ idea.  The problem is you can’t support opposing ideas.  Go figure.

Here is an example of being uninformed or just Adam Schiff stupid.

Pigleosi has gone back to Californication to tend her vineyards.  Impeachment is a distant memory in her tormented Trumpized mind.

Here are some surprises.

The Circle Game has been around for over sixty ( 60 ) years.

I think this article is cat-funny.  Hunter Biden doesn’t want to release his tax records in a paternity lawsuit, but Trump is in court for protecting his from DemoNazis in the House.  Hunter gave grandpa Presidential Candidate Joe Biden a Love Grand Child.

Say it ain’t so Hunter.   Don’t try to pay in Rubles or Hryvnias.

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