RIP I Man.


The Editor:  Did you see the article about nuclear bombs, LL ?

Watch This Cat:  I sure did.  Here is a clip from an old movie about nuclear war.  We use to have a clip on how to make your own nuclear bomb at home but the internet protectors censored it.  A few funny sections remain.

TE:  Wouldn’t it be terrible if any of the cities mentioned were destroyed, WTC ?

Too Bad Cat:  It would be too bad, that’s for sure.  If I was playing the Devil’s Advocate I might call it urban renewal.  You might swap Houston for Seattle and Portland.  The New Yorker’s might become more polite and sociable.

Here are some facts about the modern bombs.

TE:  Is America worried about nuclear bombs, TBC ?

Open Borders Cat:  No, you could bring in ten ( 10 ) a day on the Southern Border and go unnoticed.  America’s Government isn’t worried about Nuclear Bombs or terrorist.

Back in the ” olden days ”  America was losing more Nuclear Bombs through accidents than Battle Creek, Michigan was making corn flakes.  Amigo recovered one from the ocean near Savannah, Georgia, USA and refurbished it.  We keep it on Cumberland to deter American invasion.

Speaking of bombs, Hunter is a Hollywood guy.  His girlfriend dropped another bomb.

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