You can bet the mortgage on this—the Tigers will win the college championship.


The Editor:  Are you about finished with 2019, LL ?

New Decade Cat:  I sure am.  Maybe we are closing with progress, real estate, and mysteries solved.  My first link is about progress, Americans have to act like Kongers, ( our people of the year ).

Dana and Aaron bought some property in La La Land.

A new purchase was made at Martha’s Vineyard.

Normally, this wouldn’t be cause for concern, but the local zoning commission is rumored to have inquired about someone to manage the island and the population.  They don’t want it to become a tourist disaster.

TE:  Who are they hiring, NDC ?

Rumors from the Peach State is that a noted Congressman might retire and take the job at MV’s.   Stacey Abrams might resign as governor and run for Hank’s old job.

Trump thanks that ole rascal Harry Reid.

Shaq O’Neal, a retired NBA star, solves the mystery about Stevie Wonder being blind.

That isn’t news to our loyal readers, he is a Captain for Carnival Cruise Line.  There is no mystery or suspicion here.

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