The Editor:  What is the difference between dogs and Democrats, LL ?

Canine Cat:  I have long suspected this and it is finally confirmed by one of the better liberal universities in the country.  Both Democrats and Republicans have more in common with dogs than American Citizens.

I am concentrating on Democrats because they want to destroy America.  The Representatives and Senators can’t count.  They see reality in term of more or less.

TE:  Can you give our loyal readers an example, CC ?

Enough Cat:  I sure can.  I few days ago Bloomberg was paying prisoners about $28.00 a month to work for his campaign, making phone calls.  He is worth a bunch.

These jokers have so many mansions and Summer Homes that they don’t even know where they live.  They fly Gulfstream G 650’s not because they own their own planes, but because the pilot knows where they live.

I’m sure our loyal readers remember Bill Clinton flying on the Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s private plane called the Lolita Express twenty-six ( 26 ) times that we know of.  He wasn’t having sex with under age girls, the pilot didn’t know where he lived.  Bill kept flying until the pilot found a familiar airport.

These creeps are the same with homes.  They don’t remember how many they own.  It is so common that, recovering crack addict,  Hunter Biden woke up one day in his Hollywood home and didn’t even remember buying it.  He thought he was in his Ukraine get-away.

Obama is a classic example, he was as poor as a Muslim Camel Herder when he became President.  Now he has so many homes that Michelle can’t keep up with her carrot gardens.

They see money the same way that Scrooge McDuck does ( in swimming pools- not dollars ).  They will never have enough.

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