The Cookie Jar


“So, at the 70th Anniversary of NATO (Dec. 4, 2019) , people like François Macron and Justin Trudeau, along with Angela Merkle spent much of their time trying to show Donald Trump he is “not one of them.” He does not belong. Guess what, they are 100% correct. He is not one of them and thank GOD he is not one of them.

They long for the days of Barack Obama. They long for the days of the United States funding everything while they literally piss their economies into the toilet. The Prime Minister of Canada doesn’t like being called out as a phony by Donald Trump. Justin Trudeau went home from London to a country that has lost 71,000 jobs last month and has almost 6% unemployment. Great track record!

François Macron went home to an economy that has been a disaster for 10 years and this week almost 1 million Frenchmen marched in Paris and literally shut the city down for the week. No trains, no buses, no taxis, and no restaurants.

And now let’s get to Angela, she is about to be voted out of office. She has destroyed her own economy, industrial production last month dropped 5%, she has ruined most of Europe with her immigration policies.

And these people tried to laugh at Donald Trump because he is indeed everything they are not. They are failures and they don’t pay their fair share of NATO and their economies are sinking like a lead weight in the middle of the Atlantic. Just compare what Donald Trump went home to on Fri. The United States economy produced more than 250,000 brand new jobs last month, we have the lowest unemployment in 50 yrs, more Black Americans are working than ever, more members of the Latino community are working than ever before. Tariffs are driving the 800lb gorilla into the Pacific without a life vest. And these phony Europeans think they know what is best for the world. Sort of like all those diplomats from the State Department who also think they know what is best for America. Donald Trump is surrounded by people who have tried to run the world for the past 25/35 yrs and they have run it into the ground, at our expense.

Donald Trump has simply taken away the cookie jar and the world is very upset they just might be losing that cookie jar. Much like the SWAMP is losing the cookie jar. IMPEACHMENT is nothing but the SWAMP and the Democrats (and the Media) losing the cookie jar. Donald is taking the cookie jar away from the SWAMP…EUROPE…THE DEMOCRATS..THE DEEP STATE and everyone is losing their collective minds because they seem unable to stop him.

Donald Trump is giving the cookie jar back to Americans. If you doubt that for a minute just remember those numbers from yesterday, more than 250,000 new jobs, 3.5 unemployment, etc. Those numbers are the ENVY OF THE WORLD. They all hate Donald Trump because he indeed is not one of them. Nancy indeed hates him. Congressman Greene hates him. Adam Schiff hates him. Justin Trudeau hates him. François Macron hates him. BECAUSE he is taking away their cookie jar…and like petulant, spoiled children…they are very, very angry. And each one of them knows that if Donald gets 4 more years he will smash the cookie jar into a thousand pieces. It will be gone for at least a generation.

If you really want to know what IMPEACHMENT is really all about, it is no more complicated than watching the cookie jar. It was never about the “CONSTITUTION” and abuse of power…it was always about the cookie jar.


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