Here are the college and pro playoff games.


The Editor: How do things get printed in The Sphinx, LL ?

Seven-Eleven Cat: Our reporters bring in stories that we hope are informative, entertaining, and truthful. The big challenge lately has been to find truthful sources. Here is Petunia-Mitch-McConnell fighting the Democrats about the impeachment trial in the Senate.

TE: Do you get tired of printing similar topics, S-E C ?

Explaining Cat: I sure do, but we have new readers every day and they need to be aware. The government is corrupt and over sixty ( 60 ) million people voted for immoral, lying, trashy, politicians that could not get a job in an industry where merit or honesty is a qualification.

Just One Cat: My reporters are like doctors, if just one ( 1 ) person is saved our work is successful. Here is a problem in New York State and City. A sanctuary.

Prosecutor Asks for No Bail for Monsey Attacker, but New Bail Law Wouldn’t Allow It

Video: Suspect sucker punches NY cop on camera. Is immediately released by judge

California thinks ignoring bad/illegal behavior is good for society.

California shocked to find bill decriminalizing retail theft resulted in… more retail theft

Even Minnie & Mickey are not safe.

The armed forces have developed an attitude about enforcing their ideas rather than that of the Commander-in-Chief.

Navy Brass Leaks Gallagher Investigation Videos and Evidence in Their Ongoing War Against President Trump

Trump needs to clean house in the military and fire his employees that want to make policy and be in the spot light. These jokers are like the unelected civil service employees that want to make policy.

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