Nike’s guy, a foreign affairs expert, never surprises anyone.  The dems play their usual anti America role.


The Editor:  Is your title a little confusing, LL ?

Ambiguous Cat:   It might be.  If the Europeans keep admitting people who want to kill them, it will happen.  Before long every city in Europe will have no drive, no walk, no talk, no nothing but Muslim zones.  Maybe then we can Brexit NATO.

Congress approved the war in Iraq.  If they don’t want us killing the most wanted terrorists in the world don’t fund the war.  I bet the dead terrorist’s replacement doesn’t use a cell or smartphone.

This article is informative, if you ignore the anti Trump garbage.

If the ex comedians, movie people, crooked politicians, and rich people want to do away with coal and oil they need to replace these percentages of world energy ( and their private planes –it won’t happen ).

The billions of people starving, and drinking polluted water don’t want to wait to live a decent life.            

This is a big If, by the same guy that wrote Gunga Din and The Jungle Book.  How many politicians fit this description ?   


  1. The reading of the poem “IF” written by Rudyard Kipling and read by Sir Michael Caine is phenomenal. I have always loved that poem. I gave a framed copy of that poem to my son and both grandsons when they graduated from high school.-Sheila Tolley-

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