The Editor:  Is the title a trademark violation, LL ?

MGM Cat:  No.  The title represents the secretions from the Democrats (  most all Democrats are included because none seem to be protesting the elected fools ).  If you watch the links below, closely, you will see that all of the characters are Democrats before they meet Donald Wizard.  They have no heart, courage, or brains.  Sometimes I forget the news media, they are even more oozei than the politicians.

TE:  Will they try to remake The Wizard of Oz, like they did the other classics, MGMC ?

Munchkin Cat:  They couldn’t get the characters, at the moment.  The Witches ( Maxine, Pigleosi, Hillgal, Pocahontas, Feinstein, and RBG are making too much from government kickbacks ).

Most of the Munchkins are working for the MSM, Congress, or The Supremes  ( Nadler, Schiff, Schumer, George Stephanapoulos, Sotomayor, Kagan, Feinstein is a double dipper, Chris Matthews, and Bloomberg.

As more info comes out about the Obama Administration the more ooze he leaves behind.

Speaking of Hollywood, have you ever wondered why politicians don’t retire ?  Their yellow brick road is gold.



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