The Editor: Do you really mean fool in your article, LL ?

De Nero Cat: What I really mean is what Maxine Waters or De Nero would say, don’t be a dumb mofu. This lady needs an intervention or needs to work for CNN. She has lost touch with reality ( psychosis ). She drinks this poison for thirteen ( 13 ) years and hasn’t lost weight. She should count her lucky stars. She has eaten enough Aspartame to kill every terrorist in The House of Representatives & Senate.

The following article is too coincidental to be chance. We have the Dr Marijuana Pepper and now the new cookie.

Many of our loyal readers will remember the Doctor Pepper lady from last year ( Ms Marijuana Chocolate Chip Mango Hazel flavored Moose Track Macadamia Nut Doctor Pepper ).

The Girl Scouts are making changes, besides letting boys join.

TE: DNC, did you know Dr Pepper and Oreo are both ethnic slurs ?

Boy, ( oops ) you never know. Speaking of hate, check out this Minnesota resident.

Here is a United States Representative who was elected by fools. She won the 2019 award for Hating Jews ( Anti-Semite ), she even beat Louis Farrakhan. Some call her the new face of the Democrat Party.

This is for the fools on Capitol Hill.

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