Say it ain’t so, Bill.


The Editor: What is your title about, LL ?

Casual Cat: It’s our new policy of being casual and informal in presenting the news. We don’t want to seem accusatory or factual.

TE: Is this a breakthrough in reporting, CC ?

Laid Back Cat: No, the Times, WAPO, and most of the MSM have turned exclusively to a casual approach. If you look at the reports on Soleimani you might get the impression he was like many American Democrats—A DUDE OR DUDESS TRYING TO BE GOOD.

TE: Have you run into any difficulties with your new approach, LBC ?

Prime Delivery Cat: We sure did, our new analogs, apps, and search engines need a little refinement. When we first entered Soli’s ( that our new feel good news approach ) name we got some returns that just didn’t feel right.

2020 Democratic National Convention

TE: Did you ever find any truthful info on Soli, PDC ?

Free Streaming Cat: We did, this article is a repeat, but it is accurate.

As things unfolded with our new analogs we found that Amazon delivered the package free of charge and we got this free streaming video.

Dude, TRYING TO BE GOOD. You never know, I wish the well trimmed beard had caught on with the Mullahs.

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