BREAKING: Iran Admits to Shooting Down Ukrainian Plane, but Still Blames US


There is an End Of The World alert for today 01-12-20. If you make it to September, there may be hope.

Another Rogue Judge Is Slapped Down Hard Over Blocking the Border Wall

Pigleosi is going to organize her House.


The Editor: Are you sure that Americans aren’t content, LL ?

Happy Cat: Once, even if Americans weren’t content at least our cows were. Now even the Carnation Cows are discontented, they sound like Pigleosi and her bunch of cows and hogs.

Our two (2 ) largest dairy companies have filed for bankruptcy.

They say too many people are switching to other drinks.

TE: That’s OK, Americans have overcome other hardships.

That’s not all, Companies are forbidding sex in the executive bathrooms, and on the break-room tables. McDonald’s is the most notable.

Neighbors Fed Up With Bagpipes Blasting From McDonald’s On Broadway

Even Shakespeare was familiar with discontent.

College students are not content or able to read. They are illiterate concerning the Selective Service laws.

McDonald’s has even banned the company song.

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