The Democratic debate tonight will be WHITER than the Board Rooms of Comcast, Disney, AT&T, CBS, WAPO, NYT, The Oscars, Nancy Pigleosi’s Office Staff, and some Kappa,Kappa,Kappa meetings. The Queen of England’s family almost qualifies.

The Chief Justice won’t have much control over the Senate trial.


The Editor: Is this about poker, LL ?

Sussex Cat: No, it’s about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The Royals are having some family problems. Prince Andrew will never come to America again because of Epstein’s murder and Bill & Hill are still alive. Prince Charles said the Royal Family was too big. I wonder who he would remove ????

The following articles are all our loyal readers will ever need to know about the Sussex guy and gal. I wish Harry the best. Here are some parting thoughts. I’m glad the Queen isn’t on the Supreme Court. Meghan should stay out of tunnels.

TE: Isn’t that a lot of news for one subject, SC ?

No, it will save answering future questions. The only thing more popular than the Royal Family to our readers is sex, and death of Democratic office holders. This will add some intrigue to the story.

Supreme Leader is catching some flack.

This is for Hillgal, MSM, and Pigleosi.

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