The Editor: Do you have winners and losers so early in the year, LL ?

Lay Your Money Down Cat: I sure do. The losers in the first two ( 2 ) weeks are all terrorist. Here are their names.

The terrorist killed at the Baghdad Airport were Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis. They called Trump for a 150 Billion payoff like Obama gave them. He said sure, ” meet me at the Baghdad Airport “.

The others most of us are familiar with, and can even spell their names. Nancy ( lost control of the House of Representatives ) Pigelosi, Adam ( repulsive ) Schiff, and even more repulsive, Jerry ( repugnant ) Nadler.

TE: Are you still pessimistic about America’s future, LYMDC ?

Gloomy Cat: I sure am. Most of the press lies about Trump and his supporters, the bureaucracies make policy instead of advising, laws aren’t enforced, the dems in Congress are thieves, and our institutions are corrupt. Here is what the Left, Progressives, and extreme Democrats want to complete the destruction of America’s morals and family. The North American Man Boy Love Association ( NAMBLA ) has been after this for years. Law sanctioned Pedophilia.

Parents are fighting back.

Americans are becoming the big losers.

TE: Are you still just reporting for the entertainment value, GC ?

Entertainment Cat: Yes, I can’t stay sane and report all the lies. Here is an unexpected loser. Sports and life can be cruel, ask Spartacus.

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